British Royal Family News: Will Prince William and Prince Harry Make Up Now That the Duke of Sussex Is in the UK?

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British Royal Family News finds that Princess Diana herself, her sons have fared considerably better in the eyes of the media, and that’s a good thing. At least until recently, when Harry Windsor and wife Meghan Markle decided to get out of what Harry described as a “toxic environment” created by the British tabloid media.

On the James Cordon show, he came out and said that both his and Meghan’s mental and emotional health were suffering as a result of what the press would often publish about them and he didn’t want his family being subject to all kinds of damaging tabloid press, so he decided to up and move to Canada.

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That being said, he hasn’t exactly abandoned his post as Prince. He said that just because they moved didn’t mean that they abandoned their royal duties, they simply changed locations and are doing it remotely.

One can see Harry’s point in that statement as well, he is a rather patriotic brit, he has served in the British armed forces so I have no doubt that he takes his position in government pretty seriously. He just didn’t want his family subject to the same kind of crazy press that ultimately had a hand in killing his Mother, Princess Diana.

Harry has been honest in his assessment of the situation that they were in, and I think it was fair of him to do the responsible thing concerning his family. But lately there seems to be a mounting press campaign against him.

The British tabloids are not too happy about losing one of their favorite targets, and since Harry sells a lot of papers for them, who can blame them? But what if there were someone else behind the smear campaign recently? Someone a lot closer than any pouting British press.

What if it were someone within the Palace that was put out simply because Harry decided he was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? If you think about it, Harry has always attracted controversy in some way and ended up smelling like a rose in the end.

Leaving his brother, Prince William, to be the “good, unproblematic” son, which, if you think about it, is a lot to put on one guy’s shoulders – even if he will be King someday.

Just what am I implying? Perhaps this little smear campaign was put in place by none other than William himself, maybe he’s a little salty that his younger brother got the heck out of dodge and decided to leave him all by his lonesome to deal with the British press, especially since William is raising not just one, but 3 children while all of this is going on.

If any of the tabloid stories are to be believed, then it’s not too far fetched to think that maybe there has been a lot of pettiness between the two brothers and one would decide to submarine the other in an attempt to not be alone on a sinking ship, as it were.

Or perhaps it was just a few petty comments taken out of context that got around to the tabloids that has ramped up all the hate against Harry and Meghan. Either way… this is all just speculation, food for thought. Stay tuned!!!

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