Bethenny Frankel Blames The Real Housewives Of New York For Making Her “Fake”

The Real Housewives of New York is the reason why Bethenny Frankel is the household name that she is today but according to the former reality television star, the show simply doesn’t reflect the kind of person that she is today.

As a matter of fact, the business woman recently explained why she decided to step away from RHONY and why she was simply tired of all the antics that she had to deal with on the show. Here’s what you need to know.

If there’s anything that we’ve learned about Bethenny Frankel over the years, it’s that she’s someone who certainly doesn’t mince her words. Bethenny likes to tell it like it is, even when the truth sounds painful.

Bethenny Frankel Blames The Real Housewives Of New York For Making Her Fake

Speaking with Paris Hilton on the This Is Paris podcast Bethenny said that the show just wasn’t for her anymore and that it became not who she was anymore, too.

She said, “I didn’t want to be arguing about things that didn’t really matter anymore. It’s changed. I was there in the beginning when it was something that none of us really even knew what it was. 

Bethenny also hinted that the Real Housewives formula and vicious cycle of all the back biting and cat fights is something that viewers have gotten accustomed to and maybe worse, even expect.

If that weren’t enough, Bethenny says that she got rather bored with the format of the show.

“And now it’s something that … people have a preconceived notion about it and they know what’s going to happen.”

“I mean, how many charity events can we go to?” she continued. “How many friends can we not support on vacations and how much drama do we want to avoid and then go right into the drama on the vacation. So … the time had come.”

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