Ben Askren Seen Smiling After BRUTAL TKO From Jake Paul, Fans Call Fight a Shameful “Fix”!

More drama comes following the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren right from last night. What we kept being told over the last few months was that Askren wasn’t going to break a sweat against a YouTuber and the fight was a joke.

However, the fight was quickly called after Paul landed a shot that knocked Askren to the ground in the first round, and was called a T.K.O after the fight was called. This didn’t set well for a lot of fans who watched and now are calling the fight rigged as Askren was seen “celebrating” with his family after the fight.

Fight Fans Calling Jake Paul Vs. Ben Askren Fight A “Fix” | Askren Secures The Bag – Paul Gets To Gloat

Fans called out Askren‘s lack of preparation and pointed out his belly fat, lack of movement and how he just didn’t look like he was there. With Askren seemingly celebrating after the fight and not looking upset, many have speculated that it was fixed, as Askren got his money, and Paul can walk around saying he beat a professional fighter.

Viewers commented on the clip from SportsCenter, “ain’t no way anybody thinks that fight was real, shit looks more fake than the WWE”, “I bet Jake rented ben askren to this fight to make him look like a boxer, every other ufc fighter would demolish jake.. why did he fought ben askren of them all?”, “It was all a fix, he got paid covered all of his debt! And all hi had to do was fall…The real suckers were those who paid to watch this…” and “Triller obviously rigged the fight. They saw how much money Jake was bringing in and knew they had to have a killer ending. Think about it. Trillers been commenting on Jakes insta to get promo, they kept playing HIS ads throughout the night and had Snoop promote him 24/7.”

One viewer even shared a photo of Askren as he walked out, apparently happy after the fight, saying, “Ben Askren celebrating with his family after he just got “knocked out”…

What do you think? Do you think the match was rigged? Let us know in the comments below.

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