’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers: Rebecca Parrott CALLS OUT Brandon Gibbs’ Parents!

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’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers indicate that Rebecca Hakimi went to town on Betty and Ron Gibbs. When they appeared on the tell-all, Rebecca called them out saying to Betty that when Brandon expressed his and wife Julia’s desire to move out, that they should have been more supportive and that instead, Betty went into full-on ‘Mom guilt mode’.

Betty said that that was genuine, that she meant every word she said when she was beggging Brandon not to move out, but Rebecca, who’s a Mom herself was not having any of it. She knew what we had known all along, that that whole thing was just a manipulation tactic.

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Rebecca calls out the Gibbs

Apparently, sleeping in the same bedroom has not solved the problem of all the farm rules that Julia has to obey. She said that while Brandon is at work, she’s the one who helps Betty and Ron take care of all the animals and she still hates it. The reason why she does it is because she doesn’t want Brandon to have to come in from working all day and then have to take care of all the animals on top of that.

Brandon said that he didn’t mind doing things around the farm because he wasn’t paying rent, but he said it in such a morally superior tone that it makes you wonder just how much guilt tripping is going on behind the scenes.

Yara told Julia that there is no way she makes the rules in that house, and we can all agree that that’s true. It sounds like Julia is still having to abide by their rules no matter what and it honestly does sound like Brandon is just okay with it.

That’s fine if you and your wife are on the same page but Brandon and Julia just aren’t. No wonder Yara and Julia are becoming friends, Julia needs friends like Yara who have gained a little more of a foothold with their respective husbands and who can help her adjust to life here.

However, Julia said that she didn’t want any sympathy… and she wasn’t afraid to clap back at the people who were actively trying to take her side. So by the end of this tell-all she probably won’t be getting any. Stay tuned!!!

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