’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers: Mike Youngquist’s Mom Trish SABOTAGED Relationship With Natalie Mordovtseva!i

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’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers finds that Mike Youngquist’s Mom, Trish, because we thought she was really cool and that she didn’t have any problems with future daughter-in-law Natalie Mordetseva Youngquist. We even had the impression in the beginning that she was on Natalie’s side. But it looks like Trish, much like her son, had us all snowed.

From the conversation on the tell-all, it’s clear that Mike really ran down Natalie’s name to his Mom, causing Trish to formulate a super negative opinion of her, because we didn’t see this super negative opinion of Natalie while Trish was staying with Mike, but now?

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Mike’s Mom is way more involved than we thought

What on earth has he been saying to his Mom over text? That’s my question. She literally had a complaint about Natalie doing everything, and then she even told good neighbor Tamara to stand up and object at the wedding.

Tamara said that she wasn’t about to do that because she could see that Mike and Natalie were in love (I guess if you squint) and she wasn’t going to object to it. Trisha was not happy with it because clearly she wanted the final input… but what was that going to gain her? Seriously.

Tamara also knows way more than she’s telling about this entire deal. Because Natalie heard it from her that Mike was going to have a “bachelor party” from her and now Tamara denies it? Holy gaslighting, Batman! What did Trish hope to gain by Mike calling off the wedding to Natalie?

I think there’s a lot more to it than just concern for her son. I do have a theory, and it’s one I’ve held for awhile: I think Trish bought the ring.

Trish is the one that gave Mike the money to be able to pay down on a ring, and when Natalie gave it back originally, Mike was hurt but both he and Trish were like “Cool, we can get our money back.” however when it didn’t work like that, both Trish and Mike decided to do what Norman Bates and his Mom did, minus the murder and just make sure that they made Natalie’s stay as unbearable as possible so that she would want to go home to the Ukraine and they could get their money back.

That’s just a theory though, only speculation. I’m waiting on the truth to come out in the divorce, I’m sure that’ll be much jucier. Stay tuned!!!

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