’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers: Amira VS Andrew; Who’s Telling the Truth?

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers finds that Amira Lollysa decided to participate in the tell-all, virtually, from her home in France. However, there was one condition, and that condition was that she didn’t want to see or talk to ex-fiance, Andrew Kenton.

As we all know Amira and Andrew’s plan was to try and beat the system by quarantining in Mexico and then driving up to his home in California, but things didn’t work out that way because Amira, who was coming in from France, got detained by the Mexican authorities and had to spend a few days in a detention center where she was promptly deported back to France.

’90 Day Fiancé: Tell-All’ Spoilers- Amira refuses to talk to Andrew

Andrew is the one that benefitted from this trip because while Amira was in the equivalent of a jail cell, he got to live it up in a nice hotel in Mexico and eat all kinds of good food and get massages and just live it up for the time that he was in the country.

Amira said she was traumatized by the trip, and who can blame her? We’ve all seen what detention centers look like on the news, it’s not a good thing and it can only be described as PTSD central. But no, they’re not done yet, Andrew comes up with another screwball plan, this time he wants her to quarantine in Belgrade, Serbia, before coming to the US because apparently the US was accepting people from Serbia, but not France.

Amira did the quarantining in Serbia, but when it came down to getting on the plane to the United States, Amira decided to opt out and just go back to France. While her time in Serbia did not consist of detention centers, it did consist of a lot of potentially dangerous situations and poor Amira could scarcely walk down the street without fear of a violent riot happening.

At one point she couldn’t even get food because there was going to be a riot and every place had shut down. Then Andrew decided to get into a fight with her about having kids. This was a conversation that could have waited until she got off the plane, but no he decided to have it right now, and screwed all of his chances of ever potentially seeing Amira ever again.

Because tell-all or not, Amira is not talking to him and the producers have made it known that they’re going to respect her wishes. Amira says that she will not let Andrew control her again, which begs the question, what exactly does she mean by that?

We did see a definite lack of her ability to stand up to Andrew, but at the same time she didn’t exactly act like someone who was being controlled. So what does Amira mean by this? Guess we’ll find out on part 2 on Sunday. Stay tuned!!!

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