90 Day Fiancé: So Much Hesitation, Does Anyone Really Want To Marry?

90 Day Fiancé find that this season has displayed the most indecisive couples we’ve seen in 8 seasons. So what is the reason behind one or both halves in each couple, seconds away from standing at the altar, wondering if they are doing the right thing?

No, 90 days is not a long time, but it’s not like these couples have only known each other for that strict 90 day timeline. Many of these coupes have been together, albeit in long distance relationships, for 3 or more years.

90 Day Fiancé: So Much Hesitation, Does Anyone Really Want To Marry?

Living together is absolutely a different scenario. Plus the foreigners have to get used to a brand new culture and way on life on top of learning their partner’s secret quirks (like having an overbearing sMother or being a raging alcoholic). However, this has been the case for the past 7 seasons, also.

Of course we’ve seen indecision before, just not on mass like this. And definitely not to the point that a fiancé has packed up their entre life two days before her visa expires.

Could it be the pandemic, that started during filming of this season that is to blame? We all know the added pressure the pandemic put on every part of our lives.

With such uncertainty about living live in general, it had to have played a part, conscious or not, in the couples wavering from the promise they made each other.

Of course, there are legitimate issues at play, and most home viewers are urging the couples to not walk down the aisle. But, alas, it’s not up to us! Of course, by now the couples have either married or split, but boy, it was like pulling teeth to get there!

If only we all had a psychic like Stephanie Davison. Look how well Stephanie has her life together…oh, wait…not such a ringing endorsement for Maria or her…abilities after all!

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