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TLC 90 Day Fiancé Spoilers: Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera - Fernanda Ready To Find Love Again!

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers- What went down between Fernanda and Jonathan

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers indicate that when Fernanda Flores was with now ex-hubby Jonathan Rivera she kept trying to get him to move to Chicago with her so that they could be around her family, where her Dad and Grandparents lived.

However Jonathan didn’t want to make the move, when they divorced Fernanda ended up making the move by herself in order to be with her family. However, Jonathan was not one to stay put, a few months later, she kept getting messages on instagram to check out Jonathan’s profile, and there she saw it.

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers- What went down between Fernanda and Jonathan

Jonathan had indeed moved to Chicago, and the caption for the picture basically said that he couldn’t imagine being in Chicago with anyone else, which Fernanda took as a bit of a ‘screw you’ because she felt it was 100% directed at her. Ouch!

From what they showed of their relationship in the clip, it was very tumultuous. Jonathan was caught by Fernanda dancing with another girl at one point while he was engaged and it prompted Fernanda to get all kinds of heated and almost start throwing hands on the dance floor. Jonathan seemed to be feeling a bit claustrophobic with his engagement arrangement.

She was definitely more into him than he was into her. It’s ironic that he would be so against moving to Chicago and then practically wind up there anyway with someone else. What was the hold up? Geeze.

Compared to the new guy in her life, Robbie, who seems to be completely content to be focused on Fernanda and Fernanda only. When he went out with her to meet all of her friends (who are all models, by the way) his attention was completely on Fernanda and he didn’t once act like he was outdone with her.

Now, that could change, but so far Fernanda seems very happy in their relationship. There’s no sign of anything really serious yet, but since Fernanda is only newly divorced and as proven by her therapy sessions that we’ve seen, still healing, there doesn’t need to be. Let her be happy, in a healthy relationship – away from Jonathan. Stay tuned!!!

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