Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Rejects ‘Mass Rape’ Storyline!

Director Patty Jenkins was bound and determined not to have Wonder Woman’s homeland of Themiscyra become a land of mass misogyny when she was put in charge of the franchise. This included rejecting a storyline that came across her desk early in the film, about there being a mass rape and that was why the women lived primarily without men.

I get where they were going with this, I get that they were trying to do a ‘scarred/hurt tribe of women have to persevere and they decided to do it all by themselves without any menfolk around to ruin it all’ storyline, but the thing is… why that specific crime?

Wonder Woman director rejects ‘mass rape’ storyline.

It isn’t said who came up with the idea initially, but we’re glad that Patty Jenkins was there to quickly toss that aside. Amazons, as a race, were never portrayed as victims, she said so herself and she was not about to saddle these women with this particular crime.

Also, a mass rape? I don’t think that’s ever been done, even on Game of Thrones, that’s a little excessive. This would have upped the film’s rating to almost NC-17, if not an outright X rating, depending on how graphic things got, and if they were going in the direction I think they were going in, things would have gotten graphic, fast.

Is an untraumatized, female dominated, society really so uncomfortable for some people to imagine that they have to justify it using a humiliating crime in order to do so? Even in fiction? Wow, that’s… not a good look.

We’re glad that director Patty Jenkins decided to tell a more empowering tale with this movie about Wonder Woman. And speaking of empowering, Jenkins is the only woman to ever direct a superhero led film, and at the time of Wonder Woman’s premiere was only the second female director to make a movie worth over $100 million.

The year of its release, it was one of the highest grossing films, and to this day it still holds the record for highest grossing film made by a solo female director. I think that might be the most empowering message of all. Stay tuned!!!

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