Univision Vencer el desamor Spoilers: Manipulation and lost causes




Univision Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Bárbara Albarrán vda. de Falcón (Daniela Romo) didn’t learn enough apparently. She might be catching on to her snobbery and prejudices, but she’s still blind in certain areas.

That will cause trouble tonight, while Gemma Corona Albarrán (Valentina Buzzurro) will have her own problems. Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Univision Vencer el desamor Spoilers: Mama drama

First, Vencer el desamor spoilers indicate Lino manages to evade Ariadna López Hernández’s (Claudia Álvarez) accusations. He’ll even convince Bárbara that her sons are all against her. Because of this, he’ll convince Bárbara go away with him.

Of course, this isn’t going to sit well with the others. Álvaro Falcón Albarrán (David Zepeda) will surely be one of them. He’ll question his mother about her relationship with Lino Ferrer (Marco Treviño), and you can guess how that’s going to go.

Apparently, Álvaro doesn’t get the answers he wants from her, so he’ll ask Lino himself. We’ll see if Lino can sell himself, and what might happen should Bárbara leave with Lino. Of course, when her other sons also put their two cents in, she’ll call them out for judging her.

Univision Vencer el desamor Spoilers: School drama

Elsewhere, things are getting worse with Gemma at school, as well as the situation with Dimitrio “Dimi” Pacheco (Andrés Vásquez). She feels terrible about the attitude his mother has towards him, as it’s clear she doesn’t support her son.

Meanwhile, she’s got other problems with him. It seems Alfonso “Poncho” Martínez (Axel Araiza) is getting Dimi isn’t some bad habits, and she doesn’t like it. This will definitely cause some strife between them.

After all, what person in the midst of potential addiction likes getting told they’re looking for trouble? The default position for a lot of people is to get defensive. We’re thinking Gemma might be better off forgetting about this relationship.

Univision Vencer el desamor Spoilers: Disaster ahead

Finally, let’s get back to Lino and his desperation. Vencer el desamor spoilers reveal Lino has been working hard to earn Bárbara’s trust, as well as find whatever proof Joaquín Falcón Ruiz (José Elías Moreno) might have had on him.

Tonight, he’ll pull his craziest move yet. He’ll set the office on fire, which obviously destroys the space being rented to him. We have a feeling this could have a couple of motivations. One, if there was anything hidden in that office, it’s likely gone now.

There’s also another possible motivation. It looked like he was expecting to get invited into the main house, thanks to his money problems. We thought that might happen as well, but that wasn’t the case.

Apparently, Bárbara had enough sense not to go that far. With tonight’s fire, though? There’s a good chance she’ll ask him to stay with them.

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