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This Is How John Legend Is Celebrating His Win At The Grammys!

John Legend has been busy cooking up a storm with his wife Chrissy Teigen following the Grammys, after the musician won the R&B album of the year. 

John Legend Cooks Pasta To Celebrate His Win At The Grammys

In a post to his fans on Instagram, John praised Chrissy for the role that she had played in his success. He said: “How we’re celebrating our Grammy over here! I love you, @chrissyteigen! Thank you for inspiring me every single day. And thanks for the outstanding cacio e pepe I was mincing garlic for!” Now John is known for his music skills, but how does he fare in the kitchen? Apparently, not too bad as he was keeping himself busy with pasta duties.

In the video, we can see John stirring the sauce and looking comfortable in his Versace dressing gown. But it is not just Chrissy that John thanked for his win. He paid homage to his team for keeping him relevant. Although John has won this award before, people forget that he had been out of the music scene for quite a while.

It was only in 2013 that he came back to the fore after his hit single ‘All of Me’ that was dedicated to his wife. Before that, John was busy touring. With that in mind, he also said: “So grateful to win my 12th Grammy today, my 3rd for Best R&B Album! Thank you to all my collaborators on #BiggerLove, especially my big brother and executive producer @raphael_saadiq.”

John’s intention was also to provide people with some hope during a time when the pandemic has not only crippled the music scene through cancelled tours, but also people’s lives in general. He concluded his post with the following comments:  “We all worked hard to make this album and then promote it during a global pandemic.

“It wasn’t an ideal situation, but we made the best of it and hopefully gave the world some music that helped make their days and nights a little better. Love you all!” It is good to see John and Chrissy doing so well. After all, the latter has been going through a lot, too, following the passing of her son, Jack. 

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