‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: What Happened Between “Queen” Victoria and Katie?

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The Bachelor  explosive. From the first three episodes that we have seen so far, “Queen” Victoria is gunning for all the ladies and wants Matt James to be hers.

She has thrown multiple women under the bus and she was part of the group of women that bullied Sarah into making her leave the show. She continues to get roses from Matt and viewers are unsure why he keeps her around when all she does is bully others. Now it seems that Katie is gunning for Victoria!

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Victoria and Katie Battle It Out

In a new spoiler for Monday’s episode, it seems that Katie has had enough of Victoria. Katie is Victoria’s new target and she may try her best to get her eliminated too. Victoria takes Katie aside to talk to her about the group date.

Katie asks her if this is about how she didn’t say anything rude to Sarah and Victoria mentioned that it was when she said, “the trash took itself out.” Victoria says to her, “I would just love an apology because you told me to stop when I wasn’t done expressing myself.”

Katie then tells Victoria, “You won’t get an apology. If that’s how you wanna express yourself and you wanna be toxic and rude, go for it.” Victoria tells her, “And if you wanna express yourself with your dildo and think you’re ready for an engagement, you can do that.” Katie then tells her, “I love my vibrator so I don’t know what you’re trying to do coming at me about the vibrator. I’m very confident in what I wanna do with my life and this is showing how insecure you are.”

Victoria tells Katie, “I’m not insecure or attacking you, Katie. I think it’s rude the way you speak to me. I think you are a bitch and if you try to shut me down again, I probably wouldn’t.” Katie continues to tell Victoria that she will not apologize to her. It looks as if this fourth episode is really going to be a dramatic one and we cannot wait to see what Victoria does next.

Be sure to tune into The Bachelor on ABC. You will get a chance to see who Matt keeps  and who he sends packing. Can we hope that it’s Victoria that is sent packing this coming week? We have our fingers crossed.

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