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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Krystal Nielson is Already Cashing in on Her Unborn Baby

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise alum, Krystal Nielson’s “Glitter Baby” has more Instagram followers than 90% of us mere mortals. And the child hasn’t even been born yet.

Krystal is best known for her ‘vocal-fry’ as she attempted to ensnare Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr, with a voice likened to a phone sex operator reject, a singing mermaid that makes you want to crash your ship into a pile of rocks and a toddler who smokes a 3 packs of cigarettes a day.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Krystal Neilsen is Already Cashing in on Her Unborn Baby

The fake-raspy voiced fitness coach hasn’t found a name for her yet-to-be born daughter but in her attempt to stay relevant she has given the poor, unsuspecting child the handle @GlitterBaby2021.

With only 7 posts–of Krystal fondling her bump of increasing size–Glitter Baby has gained just under 23 K followers. Glitter Baby’s mother also shares dazzling comments from ‘her daughter’ like: “Mom has had pregnancy brain like crazy and keeps forgetting to post my “bump updates”- but I forgive her bc she’s growing me after all!!???”

Is it just me, or did you read that in the same baby voice Krystal affected when on the ABC dating shows?

If an unborn child having her own Instagram account (for seemingly no reason other than to continue her mother’s pseudo celebrity) isn’t eye-rolling enough maybe you’ll enjoy knowing that Krystal actually shared herself taking her pregnancy test and uploaded the positive results in real time to YouTube.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: And who says Krystal wasn’t on The Bachelor for the right reasons?

If you haven’t followed what Krystal has been up to since she met and married Chris “Goose” Randone on the fifth season of Bachelor in Paradise, you may think The Goose is Glitter Baby’s father.

However, Krystal and Chris divorced after less than eight months together and before the ink seemed to dry on the divorce papers, Krystal was announcing her pregnancy with new boyfriend, Miles Bowles.

Glitter Baby is due to arrive any day now, so good luck Krystal and Miles…and good luck, Glitter Baby.

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