‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Anna Redman Quits Instagram

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This season of ‘The Bachelor’ has seen a lot of drama. There have been many eliminations that fans were shocked by, one contestant left after being bullied, and fans reacting to the way these women treat one another. There has been body shaming and bullying and Matt James doesn’t like how this is going.

Fans of the show were happy to see one contestant sent home and that is Anna Redman. Anna became close friends with Victoria Larson and the pair helped to bully women out of the house. When Matt picked up on it, he knew it was time to send her home.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Anna Disappears from Instagram

Anna was sent home last week from the Bachelor and many fans think it was because of her very toxic behavior toward the other women in the house. When fans looked at her Instagram account, it looks like she has stopped posting all together.

This is bizarre because she was posting at least once a day or more. On Mondays, she would post a picture that would somehow correlate with the show, but she has stopped doing it since she got kicked off the show.

Fans have noticed that there are some posts on her Instagram account that no longer allow for comments and she has changed her privacy settings as well. It seems like the last post that she made got so many negative comments that she deleted it and then changed her account completely. In a big twist, Anna posted on February 6 and it was from Los Angeles, California. The post read, “Can someone teach me how to drive so I can move here?”

Of course, she limited the comments, but not before followers started in on her. One wrote, “Queen s**t.” Another wrote, “I fully believe producers have a huge impact on the character of people. She owned up to it and WE don’t know her personally. Can’t judge until we do!” One more chimed in, “I know you made a mistake and being on the show brought out a side of you you didn’t recognize—but I know you’re a good person. Keep being you!” One more replied, “No but we can teach you how to be nice.”

It seems like Anna’s fans are happy to see her back on social media and we hope that they continue to give more positive feedback. We will probably see her turn off the comments if the negativity starts again.

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