Samantha Markle SLAMS Meghan Markle, Says Depression Is Not An Excuse To Treat People Like “Dishrags”!

British Royal Family News find that Samantha Markle says her half-sister Meghan Markle shouldn’t use her depression as an excuse to treat other people like dishrags.

The very outspoken but also estranged half-sister of the Duke of Sussex has gone on the record to once again slam Meghan after her explosive interview with Oprah on Sunday night. Here’s what Samantha has to say.

During her tell-all with Oprah, Meghan said that she experienced suicidal thoughts while she was pregnant with her son Archie. Meghan also admitted that she wasn’t as prepared for her role within the royal family as she should have been.

British Royal Family News: Samantha Markle Says Meghan Markle’s Depression Is Not An Excuse To Treat People Like Dishrags

 “I went to it naively because I didn’t grow up watching the royal family,” Meghan said. “It wasn’t something that was part of conversation at home. It wasn’t something that we followed.”

“There was no way to understand what the day-to-day was going to be like,” she said. “And it’s so different because I didn’t romanticize any element of it.”

Yet, Samantha says that Meghan’s depression was no reason for her to treat other people like dirt. This comes after several allegations have been made that suggest Meghan was a bully to her staff while she and Prince Harry were still full-time working members of the royal family.

“Depression is not an excuse for treating people like dishrags and disposing of them,” Samantha said.

London’s The Times reported last week that several staff members have come forward to share their stories and experiences with Meghan Markle and let’s just say none of them shed a good light on her.

Per the Times, “Two senior members of staff have claimed that they were bullied by the duchess,” and a third told the publication that “it felt ‘more like emotional cruelty and manipulation, which I guess could also be called bullying.’”

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