Lil’ Nas X Descends Into Hell, Seduces Satan In Outrageous Montero “Call Me By Your Name” Video!

..Okay maybe that’s just a slight exaggeration. In his latest video for the song “Call me by your name”, Lil’ Nas X makes a big show of descending into Hell itself and seducing Satan, then snapping his neck and snatching his horns, technically becoming the Prince of Darkness himself.

This has caused a backlash among fans because of the impeccably bad timing on the rapper’s part. He released this video on Palm Sunday of all days, not that it wouldn’t have been controversial on any other day, but releasing the video on a religious holiday didn’t sit right with some people.

Lil’ Nas X sells his soul to Nike???

One fan even tweeted that while they weren’t a parent, the video “didn’t sit right” with their soul. From just the still pictures of the video that’s been floating around, it is grade A cringey.

It was kind of amazing that the record label would allow this video to be produced in association with their name, but perhaps the record label just had no idea what direction that Lil’ Nas X was going to do with the video, but to think that if they did know about it and didn’t think that the backlash would be phenomenal, then, that’s an amazing lack of forethought on their part.

Also this has made the old “illuminati/satan lives in the music industry” rumors start swirling again, some even saying that by releasing this video Lil’ Nas X performed some kind of satanic sacrament ritual.

…And here we thought we were leaving conspiracy theories in 2020, guess not! 

Fans are not the only ones who are distancing themselves from Lil’ Nas X, recently he did a collab with Nike for the ‘Satan Shoe’, a limited edition Nike sneaker that is said to contain one drop of human blood. Also, the shoes are a whopping $1,018.00 retail price.

The price references the bible verse Luke 10:18 which says, “I saw Satan fall like a lightning bolt from heaven.” There is only going to be 666 pairs of these shoes in production, and apparently Nike does not approve at all. They have released a press statement saying that they have no relationship with Lil’ Nas X. Okay, but how do you explain how he’s getting these shoes made?

Because no matter what Nike says, the shoes still have their name all over them. So which is it, Nike? Either way, we’ll just see how long it takes Nike to get cancelled for this, Lil’ Nas X is already starting to feel that backlash, so just… give it a minute. Stay tuned!!!

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