Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer Talk About SNL – “Everyone’s At Each Other’s Throats… It’s Like Politics”

Joe Rogan just had SNL alumni and comedian Jim Breuer on his podcast on Friday and one subject that came up was Saturday Night Live. Breuer was on SNL from 1995-1998 and gave us some of the best bits, like goat boy.

After his SNL days, many people probably would recognize him as Brian, the tie-dye shirt and fanny pack-wearing guy in Dave Chappelle’s ‘Half Baked’. However, he had a lot to say about his SNL days, even though it was just three years of his life, it was an important part of who he became.

Joe Rogan & Jim Breuer Talk About SNL – “Everyone’s At Each Other’s Throats… It’s Like Politics”

Breuer began by saying, “I didn’t even want SNL” before going into the darkness behind the bright lights and how all the comedians on the show are at each other’s throats, trying to get their sketches on and even stealing material. In the world of comedy, one of the worst things you can be accused of is stealing someone’s jokes, and apparently, there was a lot of that going on.

Breuer recounts several instances where other castmates, writers, and producers would steal or cut his material and it was turning him into a bitter, angry man. This was told to him by his wife, Dee Breuer, who may have single-handedly lifted him up out of the darkness. She would remind him that he always said he wouldn’t take a job if it turned him into something he’s not, and he wasn’t an angry person by nature.

Between his frustration, anger, and other people, he was eventually let go from SNL. Breuer says that he never had any hard feelings toward show creator Lorne Michaels and that Michaels even told Breuer he would produce something, though he never took him up on the offer.

SNL sounds like Hell by Breuer’s accounts, and there have been several other cast members who have felt the same way throughout the years.

Breuer never mentions anyone’s name throughout the conversation.

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