Jenelle Evans Finds Cyst On Her Spine

Jenelle Evans, the star of Teen Mum 2, has stated how she discovered a cyst on her spine.

Jenelle Evans Found A Cyst In Her Spine

The star had been experiencing health problems for the last three years, but doctors could not pinpoint the exact nature of her problems until now. In a video posted to her fans on Youtube, Jenelle stated how she suffered through continual pain. She said: “The doctors really couldn’t figure out my weird symptom. Fast-forward to September 2020. I ended up [having] this really bad neck problem.

“My neck kept cracking over and over again. It really sucked because it happened for months and months and months.” But after continental tests, they discovered that there was a problem with her spine. Naturally, she began to worry with fears over whether it could impact her mobility. While that was ruled out much to the relief of everyone involved, the constant pain was not any consolation.

Not only that, she underwent testing for what seemed to be an age. She added: “I ended up going to [another neurologist], and she’s been doing tests on me for the past four or five months.” Despite the tests that were involved, Jenelle was bedridden for some time as the pain was too much to bear. So is a solution in sight? Well, it is not as easy as people may think.

Given that this is a rare and novel problem, there is no clear cut answer on how to move forward. That has not stopped Janelle from having some hope, though. In fact, it has inspired her to become proactive in search of a solution that will finally rid her of this pain. And by the looks of it, she has already started some things in the hope of finally getting back to her old self.

She continued: “Hopefully, we can figure this out. I have projects I’m working on that I can’t be lying in bed. So it’s like, fix the problem or just let the problem get worse. It really sucks.” Let us hope Janelle can make a full recovery very soon. And one thing for sure is that her fans will be there every step of the way for her.

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