James Charles exposes himself

Someone needs to educate James Charles on how to do a decent prank because it seems that he literally doesn’t know. Recently, he had the entire internet abuzz because he had allegedly shaved his head. Everyone was talking about it, there was even a few arguments about it in the comments of some threads.

Some people authentically believing that he shaved his head while other people maintained that it was a bald cap. The latter people have really good eyes because as it turns out, that’s exactly what it was. James Charles decided to wear a bald cap for a week and try to fool all of social media into thinking that he had shaved his head.

James Charles exposes himself

He almost succeeded, he almost had everyone convinced that he had gone the way of the cueball and had it shaved off, but then while taking a “socially distant vacation” with a bunch of friends (how’s that logic again?) he posted a picture of himself at a ski resort and didn’t realize that underneath his ski cap, his full head of hair was showing.

From the looks of it he wasn’t having that great of a hair day either, so there’s also that. Seriously though, why all the pranks recently? He also did one where he tried on a pregnant belly and claimed that he was pregnant in solidarity with a friend who was. I’m still not seeing the humor in that one, but then again James Charles isn’t someone I follow on the regular.

I think James has entered a bit of a strange time in his youtube career in which he’s at the top of his beauty guru game but he’s probably a little bit bored and wanting to branch out and that is why he is doing all these weird little pranks.

They’re kind of cutesy and maybe he’ll grow into this strange new sense of humor he’s developed but as far as pranks go, let’s face it, Jake Paul he ain’t, so I wouldn’t go thinking about switching gears on youtube to a prank channel just yet. However, it’s cute that he tried and hey, it was a completely harmless prank, no neighbors are complaining and no one got hurt, James just got a little embarassed. His pride will recover. Stay tuned!!!

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