Gorilla Glue TikTok Girl Tessica Brown May Have Bigger Problems!

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Remember last month when everyone was talking about (and making fun of) : “The Gorilla Glue Girl” for trying to stick her hair down with the industrial strength adhesive, Gorilla Glue? As it turns out, it was an honest mistake, she had ran out of her normal hairspray “got2b” and had on someone’s recommendation tried what she thought was the hair product “Gorilla Snot” ehich is an actual hair product and would not have hurt her head at all.

But she got the names mixed up, and while yes, she could have read the warning label and easily seen that it was not intended for use on actual human skin, we all have to admit we have made similar mistakes in the past. Maybe not to this level, but we have.

Gorilla Glue girl Tessica Brown may have bigger problems

Tessica left the product in for a whole month (some of us may question this but I won’t – that is her personal hair routine, we all have them, ladies) and then when she tried to wash out the product her hair would literally not wash. In the tiktok videos it was clear to see that she was trying her best on her own to get it out but it wasn’t doing anything.

She even went to the ER several times and got nurses and doctors to try and help her out but the glue was not budging, not at all, and Tessica’s scalp was starting to sustain damage.

In the end, a plastic surgeon named Dr. Obeng was nice enough to donate hia time and services to getting the substance out of her hair. While most plastic surgeons usually charge a hefty fee for their services, Dr. Obeng didn’t look at this as an opportunity to make some cash, rather he looked at it as an opportunity to help someone who was genuinely in pain.

He said that Brown showed him pictures of her ponytail and it was stiff as a block of wood. It hurt so much that she couldn’t even sleep at night. He later posted to her social media account that he was only glad to be able to help her out.

During her consultation with Dr. Obeng, Tessica also consulted him about a Mommy makeover which included a breast lift. Any time you have that kind of a consultation there is usually a breast exam involved. Some people are now saying that this is the good Lord working in mysterious ways because the doctor discovered two lumps in each of Tessica’s breasts.

Fortunately, she has, at the time of this writing had lumpectomies to remove them and they have been sent off to test for cancer. We can only hope that her results are non-cancerous and that the rest of her existence is as pain free as possible. Was it a stupid decision? Initially, yes, but if she hadn’t done it she may never have found those lumps. Stay tuned!!!

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