Fallon Fox Calls For Spotify To CANCEL Joe Rogan’s Show For Being Transphobic!

Joe Rogan is not one that shies away from controversy, and has had several guests over the years or said things that make people think he’s a transphobic/homophobic/racist/fill in the blank. One instance came from a podcast where he spoke about Fallon Fox, who was born a man, and before entering the UFC, transitioned to a woman, without disclosing the information.

If you listen to the clip below, Rogan states that his opinion on the trans community is nothing but love, he believes people should be free to do what they want. This is a point he restates in nearly every one of his podcasts. However, his issue lies with combat sports, where someone’s physicality and genes have a direct link to how they perform.

Fallon Fox is not happy about this, and called out from of his other episodes and called for Spotify to “cancel his show already”.

“Joe Rogan
is being transphobic yet again. He’s had more transphobic episodes than you can shake a stick at. Spotify needs to cancel his show already.”

Fallon Fox Calls For Spotify To Cancel Joe Rogan’s Show – “Spotify Needs To Cancel His Show Already”

In the clip above, Rogan speaks about how Fox had an advantage against women in the UFC ring and how she even broke Tamikka Brents’ skull.

However, it’s highly unlikely that Spotify will cancel Rogan’s show. After paying a reported $100,000,000 for the rights to his show, they knew what they were going to get going into the deal. Fox calling for them to cancel him isn’t likely to do anything.

Rogan, whether you agree or disagree, shouldn’t be canceled because you don’t like something he said. This goes for anyone in the media-sphere. In the clip, he is pretty clear about his opinion, and if you listen to what he’s saying he doesn’t hate transgenders.

Fox may just need to move on. Call him a jerk, or that you disagree with him and go about life.

What do you think? Is Joe right about transgenders in the UFC? Let us know in the comments below.

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