Emma Watson Retiring From Movies & Acting Update

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A few days ago, Emma Watson’s social media following was dismayed to know that there was news of Watson possibly quitting acting for good. Yeah that’s right, the girl that made headlines as Hermione Granger and Belle was going to pack it all in and start a normal life and perhaps even a family with her boyfriend.

According to Daily Mail, her agent had previously stated that her career had ‘gone dormant’. Which had fans in an uproar, because as of 2019, Watson’s at the top of her game. She played Meg March in the latest adaptation of Little Women.

So… has her career actually gone dormant? 

However, a few days later, that same agent, yes, the same agent who made that declaration of impending doom just a few days ago, did a heel face turn and immediately said that her career is fine and flourishing, it’s just she’s taken a break from social media.

We haven’t really heard much from Watson on social media at all, the last time she posted anything was back during the George Floyd protests, so she’s probably just privately living her life. Also, she’s such a well-known actress now that she doesn’t really need to keep her name in the news constantly anymore. Everyone either knows Watson by her name, or by the roles she made famous.

One fan speculated that she could just be waiting on the right role to pop back up again, and that’s valid. After a certain point in every actors career, they realize that they can pick and choose their roles and perhaps right now, that’s where Emma is.

If she does decide to move on from acting ultimately, then, we all have to admit she’s earned it. But that hardly seems to be the case, maybe she’s just taking things easy. Besides, there’s a pandemic going on, if she can afford to socially distance herself from Hollywood and acting roles for a bit, then she’s doing her part to save the world if you think about it.

Sure, we’ll miss her for now, but we’ll be ready to welcome her back with open arms when the world is a safer place for live-action productions. Trust me, we’re all feeling the crunch when it comes to quarantine. It ain’t over till Emma says it’s over, folks. Stay tuned!!!

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