Charli & Dixie’s Parents Marc and Heidi D’Amelio Launch Podcast: The Other D’Amelios!

Love them or hate them, the D’Amelio family has taken over social media. With Charli and Dixie D’Amelio owning Tik Tok, why wouldn’t their parents get in on the action too? Marc and Heidi D’Amelio decided to do something that they have always wanted to and that is to start a podcast. Their daughters already have a popular podcast of their own, but now, their parents are ready to do the same.

Marc and Heidi: The Other D’Amelios with Ramble

The new podcast will feature Marc and Heidi and they will chat about the things going on in their lives. It will premiere on February 23 and it is called Marc and Heidi: The Other D’Amelios with Ramble. The couple will talk about their lives as parents of two of the most popular girls on social media today.

Being parents of Charli and Dixie has got to be tough and Marc and Heidi will share their feelings about social media and they will talk about how they raised their children.

Being in the world of social media hasn’t been easy for the D’Amelios, but it seems as if Charli and Dixie are loving it. They are raking in the money and things seem to be very easy in their lives now that they have exploded on Tik Tok.

Marc and Heidi told fans, “We are excited to be able to connect with and reach other parents with our new podcast with Ramble. Navigating and raising kids in a high-tech world is something we can all relate to, and we hope with honesty and some laughter we can come together and turn everyday family challenges into learning experiences that help us to grow and raise wonderful kids.”

Charli and Dixie already have a podcast with Ramble and it is called 2 Chix. They talk about being in the public eye and all over social media and they have picked up a lot of followers lately. The D’Amelios are doing a lot these days. They have launched a family Instagram account, a family YouTube channel, and we will see them on Hulu on their own reality television show coming later in the year! What else can they do?

The D’Amelios clearly like to keep themselves busy and it is nice to see Marc and Heidi getting into the world of podcasting. We wish them a  lot of luck with this venture and hope that it ends up doing well for them!

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