’90 Day Fiancé: Spoilers: The Single Life Update

’90 Day Fiancé The Single Life’ Spoilers have revealed that we had heard last year that there was a show in the works that was going to detail the 90 day’s castmembers foray into single life, but we didn’t think it was true and didn’t think that a show like that would garner enough interest. However, we were wrong!

The producers over at Discovery Plus are really going for the gusto here and are going to take a look at how the previous cast members of 90 day are making it after they’ve been cast aside by their previous lovers. In spite of the title, they’re not exactly going to be sitting around, twiddling their thumbs waiting on Mr. or Mrs. Right to appear either, they’re going to actively chronical their foray into the dating world.

’90 Day Fiancé The Single Life’ Spoilers: Yup, here we go. 

We’re going to see the likes of Brittany Banks from 90 day the other way, Big Ed Brown from before the 90 days, Molly Hopkins from Pillow Talk, and Colt Johnson of 90 day fiance all star on the show. One of the details that is kind of shocking is that we see Colt looking at a ring… does this mean he’s finally found that one special girl that will put him out of his misery by settling down with him?

We’ve already seen how awkwardly Big Ed’s date went, I must say the thought of Colt proposing is kind of cringe-worthy at this point considering it could have happened to any number of women that he sent nudes to, but I digress.

Molly’s story I’m kind of interested in because she honestly seems like a good, down-to-earth person. Brittany seems like a train-wreck waiting to happen, but a fun train wreck, considering she was really rubbing in the fact that one of her first dates after she broke up with Yazan was on a private jet.

It’ll be interesting to see just how she handles navigating the relationship world. I somehow kind of doubt that she’ll be into dating anyone else outside the US though, I could be wrong but I think Brittany is probably kind of burned out on cultures that don’t mesh right now. She may be into rich guys, but I don’t think they’ll be coming from any kind of exotic locales anytime soon.

Don’t worry, if you’re not into these four, there’s other 90 day alums that will be on the show. However, those guys were on seasons that I, unfortunately, didn’t tune in for. We’ll see how all of this goes, stay tuned!!!

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