’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tarik and Hazel finally get hitched!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells us that how Tarik Myers is practically the only man on 90 day fiancé that has basically done all of his own wedding planning and has not said a word about it once? He recognized that fiancé Hazel Cagalitan  is new in the country, has a bit of a language barrier, and doesn’t know all the wedding venues.

He hooked her up with his female friends in order for her to have bridesmaids and friends and a sense of community so that when she got married, it wasn’t just the two of them, she looked like she had people on her side of the aisle.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tarik and Hazel finally get hitched!

Tarik may be a bit of a player and can be inconsiderate at times, but as far as wedding planning goes? He knocked it out of the park. No, he didn’t manage to get her a church wedding like she wanted, but churches were not open at the time of their wedding.

He did however get the hook-up at the spiritual center where they were open, so that he and Hazel actually had a ceremony. He got his brother Duane to come in all the way from Utah to help him, and even took it upon himself to get little Auri ready for the wedding. By the way, little Auri looked adorable in her dress, such a sweet Father Daughter bonding moment.

Meanwhile, Hazel was in the hotel room with her maid of honor, Tarik’s friend, Angela, who was helping her with her veil. Hazel really didn’t have to lift a finger, it was all done for her. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress, by the way!

Tarik and Duane were the ones setting up the tables for the guests and doing a lot of the work at the spiritual center, which I thought was nice. I felt a little sorry for Tarik because he and his brother Dean are still not on speaking terms, Tarik described that relationship as “dead right now”, Dean didn’t bother showing up for the wedding, which I’m sure bothered Tarik more than he let on, but what can you do? It looks like things are coming up roses for these two after all. Stay tuned!!!

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