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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Fans TRASH Andrew Kenton’s Day Care Online, Leave NASTY Reviews

Andrew Kenton from 90 Day Fiancé helps to run a daycare center with his mother. They have shown bits and pieces of the daycare on the show, but it seems that even though Andrew think he and his mother are excellent at what they do, it appears that some parents have started to leave very bad reviews.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Andrew’s Story

Andrew met his fiancé, Amira Lollysa online and the couple have been trying to be together ever since. Her K-1 visa is about to expire and the couple has tried almost everything to be together. Andrew has made claims that their trip to meet in Mexico was all her idea, but she said that both of them came up with the plan. No matter what, time is running out for these two and things are getting very serious.

When he is not on 90 Day Fiancé, Andrew runs a daycare with his mother. They have had this daycare for a few years now and it is pretty much how they make a living. It is in his mother’s home and even though it seems like a great place, there are many parents who have left some intense reviews about it.

One parent mentioned that it was really weird for a young man to be that into looking after children and they also expressed just how much they didn’t approve of him using their child’s picture on social media.

The daycare center has a one-star rating, which is not good for business. The family has never had a citation against any wrongdoing and they always pass their inspections from the state of California. There was one review that was posted last month that read, “The owner, Andrew Kenton, posts photos of the children on his personal Instagram account. This is very unprofessional.”

Another parent wrote, “I WOULD NEVER USE Andrew or Lori to watch my kids EVER! Lori is a bully and there is proof on her social media belittling Andrew’s exe!! Andrew is more of a bully on his social media and uses unwilling kids in photos on his dating apps and social media WITHOUT PARENTS’ PERMISSION! Andrew has been slandering and abusing exe online and in interviews after he was on reality tv show 90 Day Fiancé.” Another added, “Both owners of this facility incessantly contribute to hateful, racist and bullying of owner’s son Andrew Kenton’s ex fiancé. Any parent considering leaving their infant/child in their care should be aware that if this is the behavior displayed on public platforms like national television and social media. One can assume what is being said behind closed doors while no one is watching. Children have also been used as props on Andrew’s instagram and for national and international viewing purposes.”

It seems as if these two may need to turn to another line of business. With reviews like these, the money may not come in anytime soon.

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