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tom brooks in london uk

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Darcey Silva’s EX Tom Brooks Is At It Again!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Tom Brooks, Darcey Silva’s ex, formerly of Before the 90 days, was on Tiktok. I never wanted to know that Tom Brooks was on tiktok, but lo and behold, I find a post out there in the wilds of the internet today that has Tom Brooks, twerking it like a 15 year old, to some rap song about french toast on tiktok.

No Tom, don’t compare yourself to french toast. That is sacrilege. I’m pretty sure that  the whole of society has a much deeper, more profound, and more meaningful relationship with french toast than they do with you. But you go ahead and tell yourself that, whatever keeps you warm at night, buddy.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Tom, please stop

Tom was Darcy’s british ex, the one that she was with after Jesse (well, not directly after, but, he was the one that was on the show), and the way she ended up describing him was that he started off as a friend and dating him was kind of an afterthought.

She said that he was around when she needed male attention, basically, and that’s how they ended up together. It wasn’t really some romantic love story, or at least that’s not the way she painted it. So, it’s not like he has glowing reccommendations.

He has recently posted pictures on IG showing off his new girlfriend but I thought he had already found someone to love him the way he wanted when he left Darcy? So is this a new girl or is this the same person that he left Darcy for?

If she’s new then perhaps the girl he left her for now has something in common with Darcy – they both figured out what was wrong with Tom. Looks like Tom hasn’t been getting much love in the social media realm either these days, but perhaps that’s just due to the general public being a little fed up of him.

So maybe it’s time for Tom to pull a great disappearing act for awhile and come back when he’s got his life a little more figured out. Don’t announce anything till you’ve managed to find a girl and put a ring on it, Tom! And then, maybe just let the local newspaper handle it. Stay tuned!!!

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