’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers: Debbie Johnson’s one night stand with the Marlboro man

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’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers indicate Colt and Debbie’s interview, host Shaun Robinson requested that Debbie make her infamous drink, a concoction that Colt has termed “the dirty Debbie”, Apparently it’s a healthy splash of amaretto, coconut rum, and banana rum, mixed with a tall healthy glass of whole milk.

(Whole could probably be substituted, but I’m guessing its whole milk.) She made the drink for both her and Colt, and then Shaun launched into a fun, yet slightly awkward game of “Never Have I Ever”.

’90 Day Fiancé: Bares All’ Spoilers- Debbie’s one night stand with the Marlboro man

Generally, this is the kind of drinking game you play with friends and gradually find out more about each other, if you have done something, you take a drink, if you haven’t, you sit the drinking out. This usually ends up wth some of the more experienced members of the friend group getting absolutely sloshed.

Honestly, I thought things would be more cringeworthy on Colt’s side of the admission, but nope! Debbie started the game off right by admitting something that no one would have expected. Apparently, being a product of the 60’s meant that Debbie had a lot of one-night stands. One of them, she admitted, could have been the actual Marlboro man.

When they flashed an image of-screen of him, Debbie said, “That could have been him!” which cast a little bit of doubt on her story, but then again, she could have just been protecting the guy’s identity.

She said that back in the day, she had quite a few men over to her place and that she was, “such a whore”, yike! I don’t know if I would have admitted that on television, Debbie, when Colt lamented that he never needed to hear that Debbie said, “Payback!”, wow, touche, Debbie!

Then again I am pretty sure that Debbie has overheard (and seen) a lot of stuff in Colt’s life that she would rather not have… I mean… he has been married before and she was privvy to all of that. Yike.

When asked about faking an orgasm, Debbie readily admitted it. She also admitted to being a go-go dancer temporarily at the ‘whisky-a-go-go’ in California. They even showed pictures of Debbie back in her go-go days, and then Debbie got up and danced… she wasn’t half bad.

Colt got up and danced with her but it looks like Colt got Dad’s rhythm and not Mom’s. Honestly this part of the episode was a train wreck that you couldn’t help but keep watching. It was informative but it definitely had an air of “What on earth did I just watch?” Stay tuned!!!

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