’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Adam the Translator Spills HOT Tea On Brittany Banks & Yazan

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’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers talk about some BOMBS, when Adam the Translator, AKA the guy who did all of the translating for Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira from 90 days the other way was interviewed by 90 days bares all we really didn’t think much of it.

We thought that there was going to be a rehash of everything we had seen on the show thus far, but nope,  there were a few surprises in store yet. As it turns out, there were a few things about Brittany and Yazan’s relationship that we didn’t know.

’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: Adam the Translator spills the tea

For one thing, Brittany had claimed that she had been studying Islam for 3 years when she obviously hadn’t. Brittany corrected that she had told Yazan that she was familiar with the name of the religion, and some aspects, and that she had been inside a mosque before but she was pretty quick to say that he misunderstood her when it came to how educated she was on the religion itself.

Okay well, that can happen I suppose. The real tea came when Britanny and Yazan said that they were dating again, when Yazan said that he was dating another US girl, Brittany burst out laughing!

He went on to say that the new girl lives in Tennessee and that she is muslim herself and therefore familiar with the culture. He said that when she comes to visit that they will get engaged in Jordan. Brittany didn’t really believe the girl existed at first but Yazan says that she does, so I guess we’ll see.

When Brittany said that she was dating she didn’t specify just one person, she said that “all the people I’m dating are special” so I guess at the moment, Brittany is shopping around. She did say of Yazan that she thought that he was setting up his new girl for the same disappointment that he set her up for and that he’s going to sit on this US’s girls couch and eat all her snacks.

She said Yazan didn’t have a job but I think we all know that that wasn’t true, Yazan worked at a garage while she was in Jordan and didn’t he buy a barber shop at one point? That’s what I thought.

Adam said one day he point blank asked Yazan why he thought that Brittany was worth foregoing the potential respect and love of his family and the loss of his social status and he said that Yazan told him it was because he loved Brittany’s body, “specifically the female parts” said Adam, which I’m going to assume translated to cleavage.

In that case. that’s actually kind of disgusting that Yazan would put it all on the line for what he deemed to be a “nice rack”, good grief. I mean, I guess guys have done it for less but it’s still kind of disgusting. Adam said that at no time did he get a sense of a healthy relationship between the two, but that rather they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Honestly – we could all see that. I have my doubts as to whether or not Yazan was actually as pure as Brittany says he was on the show, but we did see him turn her down at least once, so there’s that I suppose. Those two are still very bitter at one another and snipe at each other, so I don’t think they’ll ever be friends. Stay tuned!!!

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