‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Micah Plath gets an offer! 

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‘Welcome to Plathville’ spoilers find that Micah Plath, who’s online presence has been really taking off, has been getting DMs on Instagram from Select Model Management. During the filming for Welcome to Plathville, he actually got a call. Micah’s been doing his homework too!

He said he had been reading up on modeling agencies and that Select Modeling Agency was one of the fastest-growing agencies in the world, and out of all the people that they looked over, they chose him.

Now Micah has an appointment to go next week to Miami for casting for this modeling agency. He’s excited and we’re excited for him, Micah says that he can be whatever he wants to be and after growing up so restricted, that must feel so freeing.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: Micah gets an offer! 

Also, not being financially dependant on anyone or potentially having to sell any more of his cows is also a good thing for his psyche. Now, I’m not sure about the geography of Florida, maybe a native can help me out but maybe, just maybe, Miami is closer to FSU, where Sarah Lynn is, than we actually know.

That would be interesting, if Sarah Lynn was down there to greet him. But how is his modeling friend going to feel? Are they even still a thing anymore or did she ghost him? I hope she didn’t end up ghosting him, he didn’t deserve that. Sure he tried to play Tokyo drift in his car, but that’s not enough to completely write him off over.

Though, we haven’t seen her since that date, so Micah and her may be done. He’s not really one to publicize his relationships, it seems. It seems that he keeps all of his business pretty private, and for a girl that’s a dream because most guys blast their stuff across social media and blame the girl when things go wrong.

Micah seems to be cut from a different cloth, he seems to be a true gentleman when it comes to his relationships. Of course, right now he’s just 19 so there is definitely room to screw up and there probably will be screw-ups along the way but so far, for someone who grew up as sheltered as he did? He’s doing pretty well.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with his modeling career once he gets down to Miami. We hope for only the best for him. Stay tuned!!!

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