‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: A trip down memory lane

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers revreal that Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath got together with his siblings, Micah and Moriah Plath for a picnic and they all looked at old home movies that the kids had taken just 3-4 years ago when they were kids.

Apparently, Ethan, Micah, and Isaac liked making funny videos together along with Moriah and they would do funny little skits together, but you could tell that while he was laughing it also pained Ethan to see all of this old home videos because he pointed out that he’s not allowed to talk to his younger siblings anymore, and it’s pretty obvious that he misses them.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers: A trip down memory lane

I’m glad that he at least has Micah and Moriah to talk to and that they live so close to he and Olivia. In between their houses there is a little park-like area and they can all go and get together and sit out in the sunshine together.

(I’m pretty sure that they’re maintaining proper social distance protocols, then again, they’re filming a TV show… I’m sure if someone had caught COVID we would have heard about it by now.) Olivia says that she is glad that their trip to California is coming up so that Ethan can have some new experiences and I can’t help but agree.

While it’s good for Ethan to want to keep in contact with his younger siblings, I feel that Olivia is right and he doesn’t need to dwell on that for the time being.

He needs to make some memories that are just him and Olivia and doesn’t need to focus on a place where he technically isn’t wanted right now, not by his siblings but by the people who are pulling all the strings in their lives, Kim and Barry Plath, his parents.

Right now they are so afraid that one toe out of line will spark an entire revolt against them and their way of life, which I honestly don’t believe but whatever. Either way, we’ll see just what this trip to LA brings for both Ethan and Olivia. Stay tuned!!!

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