Univision ¿Te acuerdas de mí? Spoilers: Big reveals and sad goodbyes

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Univision ¿Te acuerdas de mí? spoilers reveal the situation between Pedro Cáceres (Gabriel Soto) and Vera Solís (Fátima Molina) gets worse. Plus, we’ll see Fausto (Juan Carlos Barreto) dropping a bomb on Vera before taking care of some business with Antonia Solís (Rebecca Jones). Let’s take a look at what’s ahead.

Univision ¿Te acuerdas de mí? Spoilers: Guess who?

First, ¿Te acuerdas de mí? spoilers reveal we’ll see some continuing action. Fausto tells Vera he’s her father and gives her some answers she’s likely wanted for a long time.

He’ll explain the reason he hasn’t been in her life is because Olmo Cáceres (Guillermo García Cantú) tried to kill him. We can’t wait to see how that one goes over. We’d say this should make her even more sure of keeping away from that family. However, this is a Telenovela.

The likely scenario, we think, is she’ll want to stick even closer. She might even accept Olmo’s advances and use all this to get revenge on the man who caused so many problems.

Of course, we find it interesting that the man Olmo nearly killed the night Pedro’s father was also murdered happens to be Vera’s dad.

And that the two children who lost someone would meet all those years later and fall in love. It’s those chest fate stories we love the most. There’s something about them that’s just fun.

Univision ¿Te acuerdas de mí? Spoilers: DNA doesn’t lie—or does it?

Elsewhere, all of Vera’s protests before do her no good. Pedro is no fool, even if he doesn’t quite understand who raised him. In the Friday episode, he called BS on Vera’s talk that Nicolás “Nico” Solís (Samuel Ledezma) isn’t his.

He said he sees it in Nico’s eye, as well as feels it in his heart and soul. ¿Te acuerdas de mí? spoilers reveal he’ll kick the week off by asking Vera to allow him to do a DNA test on Nico. She obviously accepts, because the teasers reveal that test will come back with a negative result. But that doesn’t matter in this shows, right?

In a time-tested move, he’ll get sneaky and take a sample himself to do his own test. We’re sure that one will come up positive, and it’s likely to get ugly when he confronts Vera on that. We both understand Vera on her reluctance to be honest, while also thinking it was a lost cause.

Univision ¿Te acuerdas de mí? Spoilers: See ya…

Finally, we’ll be saying goodbye to someone tonight. As we mentioned, Fausto showed up on Friday and revealed he’s Vera’s dad. Well, apparently, he must have had a grudge against Antonia as well over this whole thing.

She’ll die after he pulls off a surprise attack. We’re gonna miss the character, because we loved Rebecca Jones on La Doña, and she’s been great here as well.

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