Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Answers on the way

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Univision Imperio de mentiras spoilers reveal tonight’s the last night before Sunday’s Gran Final. And it looks like a big revelation might be on the way to wrap things up. Let’s take a look at the teasers for tonight’s episode and what we’re thinking as far as what might have happened the night of the murders.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Venganza

First, Darío Ramírez (Iván Arana) arrives at his father’s house to threaten him and kick off his big revenge tonight. Sure, he’s justified in it. Eugenio Serrano (Alejandro Camacho) is the reason María José “Majo” Cantú Robles (Alejandra Robles Gil) got shot and lost the baby.

However, we find Darío and that relationship so creepy and wrong, we’re not sure who to root for tonight. It’s basically a choice between two evils situation, and that will lead to an unsatisfying end in our eyes.

There’s just little they can do to redeem Darío, no matter how hard they’re trying. Although, if Eugenio squirms some, we might give him some points for entertainment value.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Answers ahead

In other Imperio de mentiras spoilers, we’re getting closer to the truth about the murders from episode one.

It seems Renata Cantú Robles de Arizmendi (Susana González) suffers tonight because she thought her father always preferred Elisa Cantú Robles (Angelique Boyer), but her suffering gets worse when she starts to have memories of the night her father died.

Specifically, she’ll find a gun and remember pointing it at her father that night. This makes us wonder if Eugenio somehow manipulated this situation to get rid of Augusto Cantú (Enrique Singer).

And if Victoria Robles de Cantú (Leticia Calderón) actually knew what Renata did and decided to protect her. Let’s face it, she’s a complete control freak. And her mentally ill daughter killing her father wouldn’t look good in society’s eyes, and the company would likely suffer for it.

It would explain why we got such weird vibes off Victoria so often. Especially right after the murder. We’ll see. But we do know for sure that Eugenio ordered the deaths.

Univision Imperio De Mentiras Spoilers: Consequences?

Finally, it seems we’ll get back to another memory of Renata’s. Previous teasers spoke of how Renata remembered abuse at Eugenio’s hands. Since Eugenio is going to assure Victoria that Renata provoked him, we’re guessing Victoria wants some answers about these supposed memories of Renata’s.

We’ve gotta say, though, that’s a pretty lame excuse on his part. And Victoria will be the weakest link if she actually buys into any of it. And with this bunch of characters, that’s saying something.

We do owe her an apology, though. Even after she found out he was involved in Augusto’s murder, she only married him for other interests. As in, having power over the money and company again. So, she’s not heartless enough to move on with the guy who killed her husband. Hopefully, she’ll believe Renata and do whatever possible to take down Eugenio.

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