TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The Truth About Brandon Gibbs’ Parents Ron & Betty – Are They Really Swingers & Qanon Believers?

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal there have been some rumors floating around about Brandon Gibb’s family and it might shed some light on why Betty seemed to suddenly lighten up at the very last minute when it came to Brandon and fiance Julia Trubkina sharing a room.

Now, keep in mind that so far these bits of information are just rumors and we have no real way of verifying if they are true or not. Also, even if they were I kind of doubt that Betty and Ron would actually own up to any of the rumors – or at least not the most scandalous one out of the three.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: So are the rumors true?

For one, Betty has a bit of a shopping addiction and has packages mailed to her work all the time. Ron does not know about this and Betty hides her purchases from him all the time, apparently she has a fondness for the website but we won’t judge Betty for her shopping addiction. I recently made some purchases there myself, they have some really cute stuff so I can’t blame her for wanting nice things.

Also, allegedly, Betty and Ron Gibb are doomsday preppers and started their farm to maintain sustainability in times of – you guessed it! The apocalypse. That leads into the second rumor going around about them, that they are actually Qanon people, meaning they are conspiracy theorists and believe the end of the world is nigh.

Those two rumors aren’t really that hard to believe because they do seem to be the type to run in those particular circles and their conservative ways are really in line with these types as well. Those two things are quirky enough, but then we get to the juicy parts.

Apparently it is rumored that allegedly, Betty and Ron are swingers and go on swingers cruises. They used to leave Brandon alone when he was back in high school to go on these retreats, according to some sources.

The source was pretty adamant that this information was all true. If so that would explain why Betty caved kind of quickly when it came to letting her son share a room with his fiance in her otherwise completely conservative home. I knew Brandon looked a little too smug for a reason.

If these two aren’t careful the mud will start flying and Brandon will move out with Julia and leave these two high and dry at their farm. I think Betty probably knows that too. Would Brandon ever rat them out though? Stay tuned!!!

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