‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ashley Jones And Kelly Kruger Open Up About Their On And Off Screen Bond

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers find that speaking to Soap Opera Digest in a new interview, Ashley Jones says that she feels most grateful that she gets to return to the daytime television world time and time again.

She told the publication, “I’ve been blessed to continually come back, nearly year after year after I went off contract, so I never feel that far away. And, we are close outside of the set. But yes, it is different because of Covid. Kelly gets to share a [dressing] room with Darin [Brooks, Wyatt, Kruger’s real-life hubby] for obvious reasons, so she’s not alone in her room, but you don’t get to socialize or run lines. I would just sit in my room by myself waiting to be called. You can’t hang out in the makeup room or on set. There’s no commissary, so it is very different. I am very much looking forward to the day when Covid is in our past.”

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ashley Jones And Kelly Kruger Open Up About Their On And Off Screen Bond

Kelly agrees, as she added, “I have such good memories from this building, but right now at this time with the pandemic, it can be a little isolating. But as soon as I get on set, there is this burst of amazing energy. You are constantly welcomed back with open arms. It’s like this warm feeling of seeing my family again.”

Ashley also opened up about her close relationship with Kelly, and said that they always felt as though they had a great bond, both on and off screen.

Kelly added, “Ashley and I haven’t even worked together but we got super-close about a year ago, right before I had Everleigh. It’s hard what we do, to work and always be present as parents, especially in a pandemic. I’ve gotten so much great advice from all the other girls here who are moms, so that bonds us, for sure.”

Now, should Bridget and Eva decide to stick around this fictional town of Los Angeles, Ashley has some ideas for their characters.

She said, “Oh, I think there could be myriad choices. My go-to, and Heather [Tom, Katie] is going to hate this, but Katie came in on Bridget’s turf many times in the past. She took away her husband, Nick, so there could be a good triangle there [with Katie’s ex, Bill]. I love a good triangle and playing that kind of conflict.”

Kelly added, “Well, Eva has already hit on Liam in the past, and considering my husband plays his brother — and Darin and I love working together — that could be fun.”

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