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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Viewers Shocked by Matt James Defending Body Shamer Victoria Larson

On ABC’s The Bachelor, viewers had a tough time with some recent scenes about the contestants. After seeing the villain of the show, Victoria Larson, body shaming other contestants, fans aren’t quite sure of why Matt James is defending her.

The moment that really started this all was when one of Matt’s friends was on video body shaming Victoria. They made some horrible jokes about her while they were all on the golf course and now Matt has a lot of explaining to do.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: The Video In Question

This video has really taken The Bachelor Nation by storm. In the video, you can hear one of Matt’s friends saying, “Now, how was Victoria’s body? You know, cause when I look at her, it doesn’t look nice…and you’ve been making out with this woman.” Victoria replied to the video, “Cute…I love my body.” Matt knew that he had to speak out about what his friends were saying on the video.

He told his fans, “That’s never something I condone or stand for and it’s just a constant reminder that you gotta be smart about the people that you surround yourself with. I said something to him off-camera about it, something along the lines of ‘Victoria wouldn’t have given him a second look.’ It’s always the pot calling the kettle black. Who is he to comment on someone’s body and it’s such a low blow for any man to try to take a dig at something like that.”

He continued by saying, “That’s not my character and that’s not what I’m about, and it’s a shame that that’s even associated with what was going on. I apologize on his behalf. I don’t know if you’ll get it from him, but that’s not something I’m gonna support or stand for.” Fans are waiting for ABC to make a statement on this video, but they have yet to comment.

There are many fans who love the show, but are always curious what it would be like for a woman who is larger than the other contestants to be on the show. How would she be treated by the other women and The Bachelor? Would there be even more body shaming going on? Is this the real reason that larger women have not appeared on the show? It seems that this is all a beauty contest and it is pretty harmful for others to watch.

We will have to continue to follow the show and see just what is next.

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