‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Carly Waddell Hits Back At Fans Who Criticised Her Appearance


‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ spoilers find that Carly Waddell has blasted fans on social media who criticised her appearance in response to a post in which she stated her eagerness for the gym.

‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: Carly Waddell Hits Back At Fans Who Criticised Her Appearance

In a post on Instagram, Carly shared a picture of herself following a workout. In the image below, she is wearing a blue top, and it was captioned with the following comments: “Ok, ok, vacation over…move body, stop eating candy. This was clearly a tongue in cheek comment, not designed to stir trouble, but the response from fans was quite hostile. Some fans went as far as stating that Carly was too thin.


But the response was not what she expected. One fan wrote: “Thin. Doesn’t, Equal. Healthy. Y’all, come on. You wouldn’t bat an eye at an overweight person posting about wanting to workout and get healthy. Mind ya business.” While another questioned whether her post was contributing to anything worthwhile: “No hate but like it’s kind of annoying when really thin people talk about how much candy they had. Like ok.”

Carly did not take the comments too well, and naturally, she hit back at her critics: “OK, I’m gonna get on a soapbox for a minute. Bear with me for a minute. So I posted a photo today about to work out, and I said, ‘Back from vacation, back to moving my body. Should stop candy.’ In no way is stopping candy a diet post. That’s super weird, so the people that are saying that — that makes no sense. Candy’s not healthy for you, like at all.”

“And for the people saying I’m ‘too skinny,’ that’s just rude. You’re just being rude. I don’t understand why women can’t just post a photo of themselves where they feel like they look good without getting a backlash.” Nevertheless, it was not all aimed at her detractors. Carly signed off with a positive message, encouraging others to be comfortable in their own skin and appreciate their beauty.

She said: “Basically, what I’m trying to say here is women are beautiful, and they’re beautiful in every single stage of their life: In pregnancy, in whatever weight, in whatever form and they should be able to post that and make jokes and not have people come after them and say mean things.”

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