Ryland Adams Rebrands “The Sip”

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So youtuber Ryland Adams has decided not to talk about youtubers anymore on his podcast “The Sip”. As you’ll remember, Ryland started off the podcast on a more, no holds-barred note. He was going to talk about youtube drama and celebrities.

But now that he and Shane and Trisha have been implicated in drama with Jeffree Star, it seems that Ryland’s conscience has kicked in and he no longer wants anything to do with internet drama.

Way to confuse your audience, bro.

Now Ryland says that “The Sip” is basically just a morning show, that that was his lifelong dream, to host a morning show. He no longer wants to address internet drama of any kind and now wants to take the show in a 100% positive direction, except now he just wants to talk about celebrities.

So… Clevver News 2.0, eh Ryland? Because if you’re OG enough on youtube you’ll all remember that Ryland got his start on Clevver News, way before he was involved with Shane Dawson. Ryland also launched merch, which also happens to be hosted by Jeffree Star’s company, Killer Merch. I guess it’s wise not to bite the hand that feeds you, eh buddy?

Ultimately, it’s Ryland’s choice to rebrand his show, but the thing is, he’s missing out on some really prime opportunities to talk about some of the scandals that happen in the youtube world because he’s a part of that world.

He could provide so much insight as to what’s really going on in the youtube community but I guess he wants to maintain good relationships with his ‘co-workers’. Still, some of us are disappointed that he just backed down so quickly. I mean, yeah it’s hard to be embroiled in controversy but it’s also kind of hard to say that you didn’t sign up for this when you hang out in those circles.

No one ever signs on for controversy but sometimes it just comes with the territory. That being said, he’s still going to talk about celebrities so trading one form of gossip for another? I’m not sure it’s a good idea. But we’ll see. Dtay tuned!!!

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