‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Spoilers: Lamar Odom Speaks On Kim And Kanye’s Split

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ spoilers reveal that Lamar Odom has opened up on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s impending divorce. Lemar is well acquainted with Kim, given that she was his sister in law.

‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Spoilers: Lamar Odom Speaks On Kim And Kanye’s Split

He told Us Weekly that the couple needed to do what is right for both of them: “I think it’s very important to do the best thing for your mental health and our mental space. If that’s the best thing for them, then they have my blessings.” And he thanked Kayne, who supported him during his hospitalization: “I haven’t been able to speak to him. I would love to though [after] what he did for me.”

And a previous source confirmed as much: “While they have a multitude of problems, friends on both sides think there is a chance this separation could give them a fresh start.” Lamar’s comments come amid reports that Kim has taken steps to secure her financial future and prepare for the inevitable. A source told Us Weekly:

“Kim has had all of her and Kanye’s financials and properties ready to be split; it’s a very fair deal for everyone. Kim has all of her assets and financials ready for when she decides to file officially. Friends thought she was going to file in September, but she’s holding out. That does not mean that everything behind the scenes is already done.”

Lamar is no stranger to breakups, given that he split from his lover Sabrina Parr last year. She said at the time: “Y’all know I’m honest and transparent, so I have to be the first to let you guys know that I am no longer engaged to Lamar. This has been a difficult decision for me to make, but it is the best for myself and my children [He] has some things that he alone has to work through. “I love him dearly, but I am no longer able to be by his side while [he] seeks the help he so desperately needs. I wish him all the best and I am asking that [you] pray for everyone involved.”

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