Elon Musk Made His Spaceships “More Pointy” Because Of The Movie ‘The Dictator’

Elon Musk was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast again and definitely seems much more comfortable than the first few times he was on. He’s talking more often and more fluidly now and seems much more relaxed. It makes for a much more interesting conversation.

Perhaps one of the best things about Elon is his sense of humor. While it doesn’t come out a lot, it is there and in particular, came out when he was talking about how he made his rockets “more pointy”. While speaking to Joe about SpaceX, he quotes the film ‘The Dictator’ starring Sasha Baron Cohen and explained that’s why his spaceships are pointy.

Elon Musk Made His Spaceships “More Pointy” Because Of The Movie ‘The Dictator’

Rogan, correctly, says, “hold on… you literally told them to make the spaceship more pointy because of the movie ‘The Dictator?”. To which Elon simply replied, “Yep, and they know it too. It’s not like they’re not aware of it. I kind of thought it’d be more funny if we made the rocket pointy, so we did.”

Rogan wanted to know if it affected the aerodynamics of the rocket. Musk said they could make it way blunter and it’d be fine, though being pointy is arguably, slightly worse.

However, the big part of the clip was Elon’s thought that they’ll be making regular flights in just 2 years. This shocked Rogan as well as many of the viewers. It’s coming up quickly and 2023 seems like it’ll be here very soon.

Overall, the full interview was very entertaining and we’re beginning to see a different side of Elon we hadn’t known about. He seems much more comfortable speaking with Joe than he does other interviewers and isn’t afraid to be silly and relax. Only a few years until he’s blasting people off into outer space!

What do you think? Would you take a space flight in one of Musk’s rockets? Let us know in the comments below.

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