DWTS: Lindsay Arnold Speaks On Life Following Pregnancy – ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Spoilers

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Lindsay Arnold, the star of Dancing with the Stars, has opened up on her life after giving birth to her daughter Sage.

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Spoilers: Lindsay Arnold Speaks On Life Following Pregnancy

In particular, Lindsay spoke on the things she did not expect to happen, which included diaper issues. She told Us Weekly: “One thing that I completely underestimated was how many diapers your baby is going to go through. I was caught off guard and not prepared. I will safely say that was one thing I was not prepared for was the amount of diapers that we need.

“So, the ones that I have at this stage are Huggies. I know that we tried a couple [different brands], she would blow out and the others. So, Huggies have been the best for us.” Lindsay then revealed how her baby duties became even more unpredictable. She added: “You gotta have multiple outfit changes — and I was unprepared for that too.

“The first time she blew out, luckily I was at my mom’s house. We get there, we take her out of her car seat, [and a] complete blowout [happened] all over her back. I’m like, ‘I don’t have any other outfits.’ So, she had to go home just in a diaper, wrapped up in a blanket.” So what has been the biggest thing out of it all? Well, Lindsay has decided to release a new fitness programme to help other mothers overcome their fitness issues.

“I worked out throughout my entire pregnancy, and I’m super grateful for that. Now, I’m so happy that I can release the program, let other people enjoy, move with lens and see if it works for them.” And it was all worth it since she welcomed Sage into her life alongside her husband Sam Cusick at the back end of last year.

She posted a picture of Sage and said at the time: “Still can’t get over the fact that we made this little human. It is truly a miracle what our bodies can do❤️ Watching this little one grow every day brings me more joy than I ever knew existed. Grateful to be her mama.”

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