CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Deals with Mixed Signals; Sharon Takes Action; Faith Resists Nikki’s Efforts

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CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers for february 2 find that nothing like some family conflicts to spice things, up, and the show is all set for the fun times.

It’s always tough in any situation when we have to figure out what to do when the information we’re getting is confusing at best, and that’s where Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) will find himself.

CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For February 2: Do what now?

Billy’s had his hands full balancing hos two personal lives as well as his past and present and things are only going to become more confusing.

While he’s remained consistent in his feeling for Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), she may be holding back more than she’s admitting to anyone.

As a result, ‘Young and the Restless’ think she’s going to feel a little threatened by Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle)’s actions and we expect her to pull away from Billy to an extent.

This is going to confuse Billy to the point he’ll have to hold back and switch into neutral, which is something that’s not easy for him to do or deal with.

This should be interesting to see how long he can let someone else have all the power.

CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For February 2: Sharon steps up

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) is adamant about Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn Lind) getting the help she needs that we think she’s going to bypass Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow)’s wishes and start Faith’s counseling.

This is going to cause more than a little friction between the exes as Sharon can’t imagine waiting to get their daughter help, especially after they found the vodka bottle.

If nothing else, we expect this to lead to a good dustup between Sharon and Nick, but more so from Faith who we suspect will follow in Nick’s footsteps and start to push her family away.

Bet he’s going to wish he wasn’t such a free spirit pretty soon.

CBS ‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers For February 2: Nikki hits a brick wall

There’s a difference between a legitimate therapist and someone that’s been through the ups and downs on an addiction, but both serve vital components in the treatment and healing process.

But first, the person has to want to be helped and at the moment Faith doesn’t want help. Sure, she knows she’s on a dangerous path, but like every teenager, she’s trying to figure things and herself out.

It’s never easy and things could get worse before they get better as Faith will refuse Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott)’s help and the harder Nikki or Sharon try, the more Faith will push back.

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