British Royal Family News: Diana Would Want Harry And William To Reunite

British Royal Family News reveal that Princess Diana would want nothing more than her children Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile. That is according to Royal reporter, Robert Jobson.

British Royal Family News: Diana Would Want Harry And William To Reunite

He told Us Weekly the following: “I think they ought to [fix things]. And I think that, you know, their mother, if [she] was alive, I trust [she would] bang their heads together and say, ‘Do a television makeup. Do a television interview and just stop the stories.’ Because we’re never going to stop talking about them unless they do something about it.”

He added that although it is natural to disagree, they are siblings after all: “We all fall out with our siblings [now and] again, but to continue into a feud is a little, unlike Harry, actually The character that I knew, he was quite relaxed, actually. And I think he wouldn’t have wanted to continue this. So, I don’t understand what the problem is.”

Nevertheless, William may have done some irreparable damage. He continued: “[It] must be something really deep down that’s offended him. I personally think that [Harry] should do it whether or not they are able to [fully forgive]. I mean, it seems that they probably allowed things to go on too far.” But for all the misgivings Harry may have done, Robert has extended his condemnation to Meghan Markle too.

He said: “Someone somewhere has to mend this rift. It’s not a drama, it’s real life. The queen, she’s 95 years old, so show some respect,” he told Us. “And whether it upsets you, your balance or your equilibrium, your zone, or whatever it is, grow up. The bottom line is, you know, in life, people upset you, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t just see them once a year, smile and move on. And I think they call it the stiff upper lip or the grin and bear it of the British people.”

And while Robert may appear to be harsh, he admitted that this is not personal: “I think there’s been a [gross] disrespect of the queen and the Prince of Wales by Harry and Meghan. I think the way they behaved was both childish and passionate. And they’ll say, ‘Look, I’ve got it.’ You know, ‘Let’s agree to disagree.’ How difficult is that? You know, ‘I’ve got my point of view. You’ve got your point of view. Let’s not have around a barrier there. Let’s just agree to disagree.’ [It’s] not hard.”

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