’90 Days Fiance’ Bares All Spoilers: That Time Rebecca Parrott Received Fake Nudes!

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’90 Days Bares All’ Spoilers finds that Rebecca Parrot talked about on 90 day bares all last night was a new one for me. Apparently some girl texted her claiming to be having an affair with fiance Zied Hakimi, okay that’s probably not all that new or inventive, I can see a girl doing that.

I can even see a girl faking text messages between her and Zied, but Rebecca said that one girl went above and beyond and texted her some fake nudes as well, claiming the goods to be that of Zied.

’90 Days Bares All’ Spoilers: Rebecca receives fake nudes!

Rebecca knew they were fake instantly because, well, let’s face it, she knows Zied, they have spent the night together and these girls are obviously pretty naive to think that she would know exactly what a nude from her fiance looked like. What I’m saying is, they tried to pass off someone else’s nudes as that of Zied… wow.

Now, granted, I’m glad that Rebecca’s story didn’t end in heartbreak and she didn’t find out that he had been sending nudes to all kinds of girls ala Colt Johnson.

However, I have to laugh because it takes quite a level of desperation to try to fake a guy’s nudes, especially in these days of hookup culture – not many people leave that sort of thing up to the imagination anymore.

Honestly though, how desperate do you have to be to fake someone else’s nudes? And who is this girl anyway? Is it someone that Zied knew back in Tunisia or just some random online follower that cropped up randomly? If it’s the latter then boy, is this person naive.

But seriously, how desperate and low do you have to be to fake another person’s nudes? Also what about the third party involved in this? Somewhere out there, there’s a guy who’s private parts got matched with Zied’s face and I’m pretty sure if he knew about it he wouldn’t be happy about it. Why was his own body not good enough?

Wow, talk about the ultimate insult there. Yike! I’m glad for Rebecca that Zied has remained true, but at the same time… wow… the thirst is real. Stay tuned!!!

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