’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: The Harris Revelation For Stephanie Davison

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’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers reveal that anyone was prepared for what Harris had to say when he was interviewed by 90 days bares all. Least of all poor Ryan Carr. The second he found out that Harris was going to be on and they were going to be sharing the same feed, he hung up.

He was not having any of it. Now, I kind of can’t blame Ryan for not wanting to speak to Harris after he slept with his girlfriend. I also think the producers kind of blindsided Ryan because you could tell he wasn’t expecting to have to deal with Harris at all.

’90 Day Bares All’ Spoilers: The Harris Revelation

While it was entertaining to watch it was also pretty hurtful and unfair to Ryan. He was on board with talking about how Stwohanie’s infedility made him feel but not with Harris around and I can’t say I blame him.

Harris meanwhile was very graphic in his detail of his time with Stephanie. Honestly, it sounded to me like Stephanie seemed to want Harris almost more than she did Ryan. Yeah she is hot to trot after Ryan but with Harris it sounded like she really wanted to get with him.

Of course she could have also just really wanted to hit it and quit it. Worst case scenario, Harris is lying completely and it wasn’t as magical a time for Stephanie as he made it out to be.  He seems completely enamored of Stephanie whereas Ryan seems moderately over her.

Not that I’m trying to romanticize their time together because it also sounds like it was just what it says on the tin – a hookup. When Sean Robinson asked him if he was so good why was she still with Ryan and he had no answer except to say “Maybe Ryan is better than me.” With a smug air about him.

I know that Stephanie has already given her side of the story but I would be interested to know just what on earth she thought of Harris’s recollection of their night together. I’m sure her reaction would be emotional, but I wonder just how many details are true on Harris’s end and how many details that he may have embellished.

He said that his ultimate goal would be to get with Stephanie again though honestly that is more than a little bit creepy if you ask me. She’s still with his cousin, so, yuck. We’ll see how this trainwreck ends – stay tuned!!!

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