’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Some advice for Brandon Gibbs

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Brandon Gibb’s parents, Ron and Betty, are mad at him because he insists on bringing tea to his girlfriend, Julia Trubkina, in the mornings and spending more time with her than working on their farm and helping them with feeding the animals.

Then when they start in on him (and rightly they should, he was helping just fine before Julia came to live with them) he blames the entire thing on Julia! He literally sold her out and blamed his own laziness on the fact that Julia just happened to be present!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Brandon, that’s not cool. 

Then he says that someone needs to tell him what to do because either way he’s going to get yelled at. Yes, he’s going to get yelled at because he’s literally acting like a 12 year old kid with a new toy and not taking responsibility for anything. You can excuse that out of a young teenager but you can’t excuse that out of a grown man. He needs to realize that you have to balance your work and life, even if you are getting married.

Then he hauls off and tells Julia that when she’s not here that he gets things done, making her the villain yet again! These two only have 90 days to figure out how married life is going to work for them before they either get married or Julia has to go back to Russia.

  Julia says it’s strange to her that they are living together, but not being allowed to really live together and as old-fashioned as I am, I kind of agree. Brandon then goes on to reiterate what his parents says “Oh, we have the rest of our lives to live together.” but what if during the 90 days something comes up that is unfixable? Something that neither one can compromise on?

What then? I don’t know if Brandon is actually dealing in reality here or if he’s just so complacent to his parents and doesn’t want to fight that he’s willing to give them what they want just as long as they stop yelling at him.

If that be the case, then that is going to be damaging to any marriage he might have because in the end it won’t be his wife’s side that he takes, it’ll be his parents side and that’s going to cause some major resentment on his wife’s side.

Brandon needs to have a chat with Ethan Plath and ask him how he stood up to his parents because while Ron and Betty Gibb don’t strike me as strict as Kim and Barry Plath were, they’re just as unbearable when it comes to getting into their son’s business. Brandon needs a mentor, let’s hope he mans up soon. Stay tuned!!!

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