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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Mike Youngquist & Natalie Mordovtseva – America is all about hard work

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that Natalie Mordovtseva says every day when she wakes up, fiance Mike Younguist is already at work, so she wakes up alone and has to be at home by herself all day.

She says that she had to remove her pretty long fingernails because they were not condusive to country life because she is constantly cleaning and she had to reconcile herself with constantly looking down and seeing dirt underneath her fingernails, because America is all about hard work. Natalie, as a US born citizen, that is an entire mood, and I feel you, girlfriend. I feel you.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: America is all about hard work

I really don’t know why on earth Mike didn’t prepare her a littl more for what she was going to encounter when she came to Washington and what she would be doing. Did she think that Mike was going to hire a housekeeper?

Did she think the TLC production team was going to put them up in a nice, swanky apartment or something? In the Ukraine she seemed to have a modest, but nice place, with her Mom. Clearly she’s used to a more city way of life than what Mike is, and while he likes the thought of this Ukainian girl I don’t think he was at all prepared for the reality of her.

Natalie says that she is not happy because she feels isolated. She hasn’t really made any friends yet, and all she has to do all day is clean. Honestly, this would make anybody go insane. Even someone who wasn’t from another country, being isolated with only your spouse to talk to, even during a pandemic, is pretty awful.

Also, having nothing to do but clean all day is pretty awful, and the thing is, Natalie’s Mom is already hip to the jive that Nataie is not happy. When she asked about the ring and Natalie basically wiped tears from her eyes she asked her what was wrong.

Natalie says that she’s under a lot of pressure from her Mom and her friends back home because they want to know when they’re going to have a wedding and if they need to start applying for Visas. Natalie was trying to keep things peaceful and tried to say that Mike just believed that the wedding should just be between him and Natalie but I don’t think her Mom is having it.

Her Mom wants to know where, when, how, and if she needs to start packing now. You can see where Natalie gets some of her anxiousness from. Natalie says she wishes Mike would give her the ring back because right now she is unsure of her status with him. She told her Mom that she would give Mike the message about wanting to be invited to the wedding, but we’ll see how that goes over. Stay tuned!!!

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