’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Does Mike Youngquist’s Mom Have the Ring?

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers tells that Natalie has met and gone out to dinner with Mike’s Mom, I have a theory about the whereabouts of the ring. Natalie turned that house upside down looking for her ring, but Mike doesn’t seem to have it.

So this is what I think – I think when Mike got back from the Ukraine, he told his Mom to hold onto the ring and not to give it back to him until he was sure about the relationship. The reason I say this is because when they went out to dinner, Mom didn’t waste any time in taking Natalie to task about originally giving the ring back.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: I think Mike’s Mom has the ring

Natalie said that she was hurt by Mike not giving the ring back, but Mike’s Mom pointed out that Mike was hurt to begin with when she gave it back in the first place. The look on Mike’s face when Mama took Natalie to task over that, sorry but there was just a little bit of glee there.

Everyone likes it when their Mom comes to their rescue, but poor Natalie, she didn’t have her Mom there to come to hers. She did admit that she was wrong though and she didn’t get defensive or make a scene in the resteraunt, she was pretty mature about it and I suppose that’s a win.

I think when Mike is ready to give the ring back, that Mom will be the one he goes to to get it, because I think that she would be the one that he would trust with the ring, just judging from this whole interaction.

He probably figured that when Natalie came back she would search for the ring or demand it back and he didn’t want to have it in the house because he wasn’t really sure about the relationship. I mean, smart move, but… you are getting married, right?

I mean, is that still the plan at this point or is Mike just stringing Natalie along some more? I hope that’s not the case,  I hope he doesn’t find one more reason to get cold feet over, but then we also know that at one point she ends up back in the Ukraine so… I’m not sure. What’s going to happen? Stay tuned!!!

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