’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ed Brown Isn’t a Fan of Covid-19 Masks

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’90 Day Fiancé’ spoilers introduced us to a very interesting man named Ed Brown. At first, many viewers were on his side and thought he was pretty kind and just needed love. We were very very wrong.

He ended up treating his fiancé, Rosemarie Vega like garbage and embarrassed her multiple times on television. He lied to her about wanting children and told her that her breath smelled bad.

He convinced her to shave her legs, even though she didn’t like it. The couple was destined for failure and we are happy that Rose went her own way and is now flourishing.

Ed has been seen on multiple occasions, even in airports, not wearing a mask and many of his followers are concerned for his health and the health of others that he has been around.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Instagram Tells All

Ed has been flying all over the country, even with COVID in full swing in California still. Many of his followers think that he is being very irresponsible with his travels right now. He posted on his Instagram account a video of himself at a bar. In the video, there are about eight to ten other people.

Clearly intoxicated and none of them are wearing masks. There aren’t even masks around their necks to show that they once had them. This has got fans in a big tizzy and they were quick to ask Ed where the masks were.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ed Brown and Masks

One follower wrote, “Ed, I hope you stay away from your mom for a little while. It’s ok to risk yourself if you want, but it’s not ok to put her at risk.”

Another wrote, “Enjoy your Covid!” One more chimed in, “I like you Pony Boy, but you not wearing a mask is disrespectful not only for yourself but for others and for those that have lost their lives because of people not caring to social distance nor wear their mask. So you’ve lost my like.”

Another follower wrote, “California says Thanks Big Ed for keeping it going with no mask. Your behavior is disgusting.”

It seems that Ed’s follower have pretty much had it with him and he actually lost about 7,000 followers from posting this video alone! It really does show you what he is concerned with now.

Clearly he doesn’t care that he is spreading germs all over these people and this bar. Amazing to think that he was once so popular.

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