’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Brandon Gibbs & Julia Trubkina – The Mystery of the Cloudy Hot Tub Revisited

’90 Day Fiancè’ Spoilers reveal that Betty Gibbs is giving mixed signals to son Brandon Gibb and fiance Julia Trubkina about… well… literally everything. She said that she didn’t mind them enjoying the farm while they were gone (they were only gone 24 hours) and that anything Brandon and Julia wanted to do was fine and dandy. But the moment they got back, things were hitting the fan, and one of those things was the fact that the hot tub water was cloudy.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Ahem.

She told them that they couldn’t wear clothing in the hot tub. Okay Mom, not a problem. However, she failed to remind  Brandon about that ‘other thing’ they couldn’t do in the hot tub while they were gone. “You know wat the other thing is, right? We don’t have to talk about it.” said Betty. Yeah Betty, we heard you loud and clear.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: The mystery of the cloudy hot tub

She then went on to tell them that she and his Father used the hot tub for ‘therapy, not for entertainment’. Sounds like Ma and Pa Gibb started sleeping in separate rooms a long, long time ago, honestly, and you know maybe it’s done wonders for their marriage, who knows? 

But Brandon and Julia are young and in love and these two need to realize that. They’re in the prime of their life, they’re not thinking about who’s going to have to drain the hot tub the next day after a romp.

That being said, I think what should have happened is that Mom should have taken Brandon aside privately and said “If you’re going to have a romp in the hot rub, at least have the courtesy to drain it afterwards.” that would have been a fair request, not taking him and his girlfriend out and humiliating them on-camera by accusing them of leaving the hot tub dirty. Brandon did say that the wind did some of it, but yeah, he could have been considerate and drained the hot tub afterwards.

Betty went onto say that she didn’t know when exactly Brandon had lost his virginity but she had had to drain the hot tub countless times, and then she looked disgusted. Okay, you know what would be fair? Whomever uses the hot tub last is the one who has to drain it.

That would be fair. Also this implies that, at least according to Betty, that Brandon was quite the player and got some before Julia – I’m honestly surprised because Brandon really didn’t strike me as that type but if this is the treatment Julia is going to get then I would hope that she at least went after the other girlfriends as well. Still, Julia is right, Brandon needs to stand up and actually say something. Stay tuned!!!

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